Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back after a long hiatus.

I'm back .... hmmm really don't know where to start but let me share you some photos of my new found interest...

GARDENING- just click the pictures for bigger image

                                        Pictures were taken from early spring until late summer.


  1. Dredd!

    Kumusta na?;) I so love the flower photos and your garden. Too bad we live on the 6th floor with an enclosed terrace and so I can´t have a garden. :(

    I´m so glad that you´re back and I hope it´s for good!

  2. Hi Che, I'm good, thank you! Gardening becomes my It's great to have a garden but it also comes with a lot of work and you couldn't be away that long during summer so think twice what you wish for ;)). I will do my blogghopping after my garden chores.

    I will try to stay for good in blogosphere, miss you girl!