Saturday, 12 January 2013


This was a long overdue post, am sorry coz during winter I feel like the big momma bear that goes into! I am not really into a sleep-like-state, it's just that..... I only do things that I like and since writing isn't really my strongest skills, I tend to neglect it. 

The hubz asked me to join him on his work trip in the south of Sweden and while he was working I went to visit the Swedish Naval Museum and did some small shopping (it couldn't get any better, aight?)

Met some pivotal figures in Swedish History

at the Hall of Figures seen from the second floor

RB 15

The glimpse of warship development 

After his work we decided to continue our short trip to Helsingborg, it is Sweden's closest point to Denmark (but we didn't go straight to Denmark) instead, we visited his friend that lives in the central Malmö

The Helsingborg Castle 

The Kullen Lighthouse at Kullaberg

Our family dinner before we left for Sundsvall

at Hudiksvall the city is located along E4 on the east coast of Sweden deep inside the bay Hudiksvallfjärden, less than 100 kms from Sundsvall where we celebrated our Christmas Eve with the hubz parents and relatives (yeah, it's been  a lot of travelling not to mention the Stockholm trips that we both made within just a month)
The hubz & his friend (they are quite private so I decided to blurred  their faces)
 at their residence before we headed to dinner/concert at Malmö Opera

Moi with the lovely couple

When we visited them sometime in November, we decided to welcome 2013 together and luckily Malmö Operas New Years Eve Celebration became a popular tradition. Filled with great entertainers and the dinner was good too!

Happy 2013 to us all!Time to set another goal and to dream a new dream!


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Filipino Christmas Spirit in Sweden

We, Filipinos are known for celebrating the longest Christmas in the world.
Christmas in the Philippines, one of two predominantly Catholic countries in Asia (the other one being East Timor), is one of the biggest holidays in the archipelago. The country has earned the distinction of celebrating the world's longest Christmas season, with Christmas carols heard as early as September and lasting until Epiphany, the feast of the Black Nazarene on January 9 or the Feast of the Santo Niño de Cebú on the third Sunday of January. The official observance is from 16 December with the beginning of the Simbang Gabi to Epiphany. (source WIKIPEDIA)

Living in Sweden where LAGOM (just enough or just right) is very important but nobody says that I have to behave collectively as long as I am not breaking any law, I will practice some of my culture or things that I love like decorating our home & garden according to my terms! Btw, how do you celebrate Christmas in your adopted country?

Christmas love to all/Dredd