Friday, 7 September 2012

Lucky Momma

My eldest daughter celebrated her 23rd birthday in New York with her boyfriend and when she came home here's what I got ;-)
Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Travel Tote
along with leather cleaner & conditioner


  1. Lucky, Momma indeed! Love the color of the bag, camel ba yan? It´s perfect for autumn. ;)

    By the way, I bought the shirt dress that I wore in Rome at Bershka, it´s a Spanish brand and part of the Inditex group. Super init sa Italy, my gulay, sunog na sunog ako dun. lol! We´re experiencing a very hot summer here in the northern part of Spain which is something rare. Hay naku, resulta ng climate change ata ito.

    I hope you´re enjoying your summer! :)

    PS: Sorry for the novela comment and you´re anecdote about your Doc Martens is so funny! lol!

  2. thats just lovely! i recently acquired the blue large travel tote and its such a darling! wanted to get the camel one like yours but its so hard to score these days! lucky you!

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